How to Create an HTML/PHP Contact Form – Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Dropdown Menus

Welcome back to our contact form tutorial series. If you’re not exactly sure why I’m saying “back”, check this link. This is the third episode and in this tutorial we’re gonna learn how to add different types of inputs to the contact form and process that with PHP. It’ll make your contact form look absolutely…

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Must Have WordPress Plugins (Akismet, Contact Form 7, Disqus)

Why you need must have WordPress plugins? OK, you’ve installed WordPress. Now what? Is that what you’re asking yourself? Well, don’t worry too much. Everybody who installed the WordPress engine for the first time was a bit surprised that to add all those really cool and amazing functionality bells and whistles,

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HTML Editor

HTML Tutorial 1

Introduction This HTML tutorial is going to teach you HTML which is a language used to create websites and unlike complex programming languages studying of which may take months or even years, HTML is simple and an easy to learn markup language. Being able  to code in HTML will help you increase your company’s income…

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How to Create an HTML/PHP Contact Form – Processing Form Data with PHP

In the previous tutorial – creating HTML PHP contact form – we successfully created a basic layout for the contact form. By the way, I’ve also added 2 screencasts to the post for those of you guys who really prefer video content to textual. So, if you wish to watch instead of read, you can…

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