Mobile Search to Micro-Moments: About SEO in 2017

So far, this year has primarily been about voice search (though mobile search has its share as well) and reprioritization of quality content over aimless keyword strategy. While some view 2016 as a volatile year for SEO, there are others who opine that this particular year has only shaped predictable changes. 2017 is likely to…

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VisualLine Visual Composer Timeline Addons Pack (review with video)

You will get to know about VisualLine Visual Composer Timeline Addons Pack. You’ll learn about its installation process, features, and options this add-on has to offer to make your page look more elegant and professional. VisualLine is an add-on so it is required to have a pre-installed Visual composer plugin in order to use the…

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The Dummies’ Guide to Golf Website Designs

In the modern world, promoting business online is one of the essential things. You cannot imagine selling services without making your name sound on the Internet. If not a website, how else people will get to know about you? Golf is thought to be one of luxurious sport types and when you tell people about…

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Website Designs for Vaping Stores

Vaping is a mainstream these days. E-cigarettes is a great alternative to regular cigarettes and they are getting more and more popular among people who try to quit smoking in the easiest way. So why not to start a profitable business out of it (such as vaping stores?) helping people who are still missing an…

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compare with previous results

How to Compare Your Rankings with Any Date in the Past (Updated)

Rank Tracker got an interesting feature the other day. It allows you to compare your rankings with any date in the past. You may want to use the feature to check against results of certain SEO activities that you did within a certain period of time. With the feature, you can now better understand if…

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Link Opportunities in OpenSiteExplorer

Link Opportunities in OpenSiteExplorer from Moz (Updated)

It’s a quick post to just let you guys know that Moz added a few new features (Link Opportunities)  to their OpenSiteExplorer. Now you can use the tool to find and fix broken pages with inbound links, find unlinked mentions and see which links your competitors have, but you don’t. The features are available to…

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6 Myths You’ve Probably Heard About Online Marketing

As important as online marketing is to companies around the world, it is regularly m   isunderstood. Businesses that open themselves up the idea of incorporating it into their marketing strategies often get it wrong. They think they know what they’re doing without conducting the proper research. Then, when they fail to produce results, they wonder what…

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Brixton Theme Review

Brixton Theme Review (Modern Creative Blog)

In this Brixton theme review, you will get helpful information about the Brixton theme, its installation process, design features, and everything else this theme has to offer. Brixton has pre-designed demo content which aids in better understanding the features and options available. So without further delay, let’s get started.

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Cache Enabler Plugin

In this post, you’ll get to know about a lightweight caching plugin for WordPress that makes your website faster by generating static HTML files plus WebP support. The WordPress plugin I’m talking about is called Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache. Since the plugin makes your site load faster, your site – among other things –…

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Adding a Job Board to Your Website or Blog – What are the Tools Needed?

Adding a job board to your website or blog is an effective way of offering something useful to the visitors and readers and it is also a good way of making money at the same time. It is especially on niche blogs that job boards work well, for instance a blog that is dedicated to…

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social media

Social SEO is the New Sexy

This is a guest post by Jeromy Ko. Social SEO is the art of developing a webpage to yield the best search engine results and rankings with the help of social media. In order to work, a business must be found. A good Search Marketer will build a page’s SEO from the ground up, making…

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Why Your Website Must Only Have One Superpower

This is a guest post by Swati Gole. Most web designers make the mistake of overdoing it. You set out to create a superhero website and then you burden it with heavy capes and tons of different superpowers. The essence of creating a stunning killer website lies in its simplicity. Overdoing the design and functionality…

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Is Your Online Marketing Campaign Incomplete without HootSuite?

As much as it cannot be said that your online marketing campaign is incomplete without HootSuite, it definitely isn’t an exaggeration to claim that HootSuite is a great organizing tool especially for marketers who find themselves shuffling across different social media platforms in a bid to optimize their brands. Today, we will be discussing how…

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Learn How To Make Your Business Work

If you are just starting out in business, it can be a daunting time. There is a lot to take on board, and it can make sense to use tech companies to help get you started. There is also a lot of misinformation out there, and you need to be able to distinguish between the…

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Fashion Blog Theme - Untold Stories

Fashion Blog Theme – Untold Stories

In this post, you’ll get to know how to install and use the premium blogging WordPress theme called Fashion Blog Theme – Untold Stories. You’ll be able to install the theme, configure all kinds of settings the theme has to offer and make it look and work exactly as on the demo page.

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