Cybersecurity to Protect Your Customer Data

Cybersecurity to Protect Your Customer Data

When a customer brings your business their custom, you enter into an agreement with them, whether this agreement is written or not, that you will do all you can all the time to protect any data they provide you. You enter into this agreement because it is the right thing to do. You also enter into this agreement because, by doing the opposite and not protecting your customer data, you will land yourself in trouble with the law.

So, make sure you are taking your business’s cyber security seriously; specifically, make sure you taking the cybersecurity advice found below into consideration in order to add a better layer of protection to your customer data.

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Embrace identification verification technology

Today, as unfortunate as this is, the world is rife with cyber criminality. And, no matter what you do or what is done in general to counter prevent it, it will still happen. But, you can prevent it from impacting your business, which is really all you can do, by embracing what is known as identification verification technology.

What pieces of this technology, such as Jumio’s Netverify, would offer you is the chance to ensure that absolutely everybody that accesses your business servers and online data is permitted to do so. And, when this kind of permission granted access procedure is in place when it comes to your business you will instantly stop cyber criminals hacking into your data unseen and unbeknownst to you, and subsequently your customer data will be protected from them.

When you do embrace such technology, however, this means that you will have to change your signing up and logging in protocol. Well, how would you expect the identify verification technology that you embrace to grant you and your trusted employees access to your business’s data after it has performed biometric facial recognition on you and them if your faces aren’t stored in its memory in the first place? This means that whenever you hire a new employee, their face will have to be added to the technology’s memory.

Govern and train those that use your business computers to do so correctly

Those that use your business’s computers and have direct access to your data should be focussed on in your attempt to boost your cybersecurity and stop your customer data from being hacked, leaked or exploited.

The first thing that you should be doing when focussing on your employees’ usage of your computers is to govern them on the proper usage of them. And, first and foremost, this means laying down the law in regards to what can and cannot be accessed on them, especially when they are connected to the Internet.

You see, some websites and some connections are not as secure as others, and if they were to access a dangerous one they would put not your data — not theirs — in serious jeopardy and leave it open to an attack by a cybercriminal. And, to further the protection of your business’s online connections, you should go as far as to ban your employees from connecting their smartphone devices to your office’s Internet connection.

You see, quite simply, the enemy could very much lie within your business in regards to opening the gateway for cyber criminals through the way certain smartphone apps work and connect — this is evidenced in the fact that, at its height of popularity, Pokemon Go, when accessed in the workplace, was giving unknown third parties the chance to openly impact a business’s data.

So, govern your employees and anybody else in your business that uses your computers and accesses its data on how to do so properly. And, to take this even further, you should even consider offering training on the subject as well, such as that that is offered by StaySafeOnline.

If you’re a business owner then taking heed of the advice above is definitely something that you should be doing, especially if you are an online business novice. It is something that you should be doing because without cybersecurity your customer data is likely to be attacked, and if that’s attacked your business is attacked and if that is attacked then you, as a business owner and as a person, are attacked. So, don’t let any attacking take place and make sure your business is as cyber secure as it can possibly be.

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