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Email Verification Service Review

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Being an SEO guy or gal out there, you want to make sure that the emails that you send reach their targets. It goes without saying that you will be doing a whole lot of outreach if you want to do high-quality link building in our day and age. And that involves hunting for email addresses, which may turn out to be wrong or just incomplete. That’s exactly where email verification comes into play.

You can try how the service works just by going to ZeroBounce and entering your email address you’re not sure about. Once you click the submit button, you’ll get access to the following details: status, sub-status, account, domain, disposable, toxic, first name, last name, and gender.


As you can see even this data is great when it comes to email addresses that you find but you’re still not sure about. The status of the email clearly lets you know if it’s a valid email address and it makes sense to even further work with it. If the status value is invalid, you can just move on to the next email address that you want to use for your outreach.

I’d like to specifically point out the importance of knowing the first and last name of the person you’re trying to reach. If you don’t use the person’s name in your email message, odds are, the person will consider your message to be just another spam email. In that case, it doesn’t really matter how cool and awesome your actual email message is because nobody will ever read it.

Another interesting and useful feature is “Disposable”. Sometimes people just create disposable email addresses for specific reasons (for example for registering for a service that is known to send out tons of spam, etc). Such temporary emails are also used for masking real email addresses.

Benefits of Registering for ZeroBounce

Once you register for a ZeroBounce account, you’ll have access to even more interesting features that will make your email blast campaign by a long shot more efficient and to the point. Let me go through at least some of them so that you can better understand what exactly the service has to offer.

Email Bounce Detection

You most definitely want to know what email addresses just bounce off your messages because you’re both wasting your efforts and money because newsletter providers charge you for the overall amount of email addresses you have in your newsletter list. Using the email bounce detection feature you can just free up spots for email addresses that actually receive your stuff.

Email Data Append

You’ll be able to easily append crucial missing data to your emails. We’re talking first of all about first and last names, using which can make or break your email newsletter campaign. Other than that, the tool allows you to append location, city, state/region and country if the registration IP is available. Long story short, these features allow to make your message more natural.

Toxic Domain Detection

Some domains are known for abuse, spam, and bot created emails. The toxic domain detection feature makes it possible to effortlessly identify such domains and make sure that you don’t waste your time and funds on such dead-end things. Once you find such toxic domains, the best way to handle them is getting rid of them and moving on.

Bottom Line

The email validation features that I highlighted above are just a few and ZeroBounce has way more to offer. I just mentioned those that seem important at first sight for an SEO or digital marketing person who does email marketing or outreach for link building reasons. You can just sign-up for free and see how exactly the service benefits specifically your outreach campaigns.

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