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Email me so that you can get started with fixing your tech SEO issues or launching a link building campaign for your site. I will soon (within 24 hours) get back to you to see what exactly you need assistance with. Your SEO campaign will take off and give results before you know it.

Having put your on-page and tech SEO in order, I will analyse your competitors’ link profiles (what sites they have links from) so that I know what exactly kind of links you need to rank higher in search engines. I’ll mimic your competition's link profile with the exception of the links that are not useful for your site in the long run (such as low quality directories, press release services, etc).

That done, I’ll outline your SEO campaign that will ensure higher rankings and increased traffic for your site. This approach allows you to build workable links without any guesswork or silver bullets involved. You just need to get the links your competitor already has. Plus a few more from authoritative sites. That's the "secret" SEO sauce there's to it. Buy my time and I'll take care of the rest!