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Do you feel like teaching others all the time? Guess what? This desire can help you get another high domain authority link for your website. The point is that is a perfect place to visually teach people about all sorts of things. What’s more, you can add a description to your image and – wait, wait, wait – you can leave a BACKLINK to your site. In case you didn’t know, the site has PR7 and DA94. And you can get all the goodies for FREE. You just need a few minutes and an image or two for that. If you’re all set, let’s get cracking.

Screencast on Setting up an Account

This screencast takes you all the way from logging in to your eHow account to leaving a back link to your site. Also, you may want to watch the move at full screen.

Screencast content in a nutshell

  1. Go to
  2. Login with Facebook
  3. Expand the user name drop-down menu
  4. Select Start Project
  5. Give you project a title and description
  6. Click Create
  7. Make sure that you have a photo to upload
  8. Click the Upload Photo option
  9. Now click Upload one or more files
  10. Select your photo and click Open
  11. That done, describe your photo and add your site URL right after your decryption
  12. Now add some tags that are relevant to your photo and description
  13. Click the orange Upload Photos button
  14. Now you have a back link from!

Do you know other high Domain Authority sites that you want to place a link on for boosting your own site’s DA? Would you mind sharing?

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