How to find emails on sites

How to Find an Email Address on a Site

Being an SEO guy, you need to find sites’ email addresses time and time again. If the site owner placed his email address in a really convenient and visible spot, off you go. But what if it’s not really the case and you just can’t find that exact place (if any) where that email address sits. Other than that, it’s also possible that the email is really nowhere to be seen on the site. This article tackles that particular sorts of issues.

Visual Check

visual check for emails

Before you start using the heavy weapons, you may want to just look through your target page (the homepage of the site, for example) and check all kinds of relevant visuals that may catch your eye. It can be an envelope sign, the @ sign (depicted on an image), just to name a few. Though it can get really tricky if the site’s designer felt super creative, but sometimes this method does work.

The Contact us page

contact us page

If you can’t find an email address on the homepage, you most definitely need to check the Contact us (Contacts, Feedback or whatever else it’s called) page. Since it really hits home, many sites have both a contact form and an email address on the Contact us page. If it’s not the case and you still can’t find that pesky email address, you want to dig deeper. Speaking of which …

Source Code

HTML Page Source

As you know, every web site has HTML and other scripting languages under the hood. That’s what you want to check. If you’re using Google Chrome, you can just right-click and select the View Page Source option in the drop-down menu. Now you can just hold down the Command key and press F to search for a particular piece of information in your page source.


Mailto Girl

You may want to search your page source for ‘mailto:’ because that’s what web developers use for creating clickable email links. If you were able to find an instance of ‘mailto:’ in your page source, your email address should go right after the colon (mailto:). For example,

The @ Sign

The @ sign on keyboard

Chances are, the page contains an email address but it’s not a clickable link. In that case, you just need to search your page source for the @ sign because that’s a required element of any email address. Should it not work, you may need to go even deeper and turn to 3rd party tools which help with finding emails.


As you could see for yourself, it’s not that hard to find an email address on a site if it’s somewhere there. If it’s not, it’s a totally different story and it’s beyond the scope of the article. As long as there is an email address on a site, you can find it with the practical tips and tricks you’ve just learned here.

How do you personally find email addresses if you need to find one on a site that does not seem to explicitly display such a thing?

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Vitaliy Kolos

Coming from tech support background, Vitaliy Kolos is into tons of web stuffs: WordPress SEO (his forte), web design, web development, inbound marketing and everything in between. Other than that, he's an avid audiobook reader and insatiable digital nomad.

  • Richard Heckel

    Thanks for the writeup. I’d also like to mention that you can easily find your competitors’ emails (if that’s something you’re trying to do) if you just use OSE (Open Site Explorer) from Moz. The tool shows email addresses, Facebook and Twitter profile links if any. It goes without saying that OSE won’t show any data if it’s just not available on the site but as long as it is you can save tons of time because you’re not supposed to visit the actual page but rather see everything you need in one spot.

    • Thanks, Richard. That’s a great feature but unfortunately you can use it if you want to find contact details of a specific site (as far as I know). It works only if you want to find links pointing to specific page or domain and contact details of such pages and domains. Hope it makes sense.

  • Diego Vargas

    Hm, thanks for the great article, Vitaliy. As far as I’m concerned, I was using pretty much all the methods you highlighted with the exception of searching page source for stuff. It came as no surprise actually but I’m not really sure how come I have not come to the idea on my own 🙂

  • pauljohnsontexas

    Awesome article but I’d like to add my 2 cents. Thing is, many site owners don’t really use naked email addresses because they’re afraid of being spammed. So the imagery approach seems to make more sense in that case. Also, what is the next step if none of the methods actually worked?

    • Thanks for your comment, pauljohnsontexas. Sometime, you need to get really creative to find what you’re looking for 🙂

      • Tim Reese

        Nice reply, but there is no actual steps)

        • Thanks for your comment, Emma. What exactly are you trying to do?

  • Leila

    Quick question here. What would you recommend doing if I found an email, sent my message at it but got no reply (within a month now)?

    • Thanks for your question, Leila. You may want to contact the person via Facebook. Just search for the email address you already have. Friend the person and send him or her your message via Facebook. Hope it helps.

      • Leila

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a go. Cheers.