If you’re an SEO, you usually have lots on your plate. You need to do link building, content creation, content marketing, you name it. As a matter of fact, you can just use IFTTT SEO recipes to automate many menial and manual activities you may be doing on a daily basis now. Having read the post, created or activated your recipes, you’ll be able to save tons of time for more creative things on your to do list.

How to Start Using a Recipe

There’s a plethora of available recipes that you can start using right this moment. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that you’ve activated the channels the recipe uses and click the Add Recipe blue button under the actual recipe.


Useful IFTTT SEO Recipes

New SEO Moz Blog Post

The name says it all here. You just get notified every single time Moz publishes a post on their blog. You want to keep track of the blog because they regularly provide top-notch SEO content that you usually either just act upon or at least take into consideration.

IFTTT Recipe: New SEO Moz Blog Post connects feed to emailSEO Jobs This recipe allows for receiving email notifications every time an SEO job post gets published on Craigslist.org. Once you get such a notification, you want to check if you meet the requirements specified and immediately contact the author of the post to apply for the job opening. IFTTT Recipe: SEO jobs connects craigslist to email

Email me when Link Building Questions are asked on Quora

You want to receive this sort of notifications right to your email inbox so that you can stay fit in the SEO field or show off your skills on Quora. Plus your Quora questions and answers get posted both in Facebook and Twitter when you participate. That’s another exposure benefit.

IFTTT Recipe: Email me when Link Building Questions are asked on Quora connects feed to email

Mashable SEO RSS to Buffer

This recipe grabs every single SEO-related post on Mashable and adds it to your Buffer account. You may want to use this recipe to populate your social media accounts with more search engine optimization content directly from Mashable.com

IFTTT Recipe: Mashable SEO RSS to Buffer connects feed to buffer

Post Your YouTube Uploads to a Facebook Page

This recipe allows you to automatically add videos you publish on YouTube.com to your Facebook page. In order to properly use the recipe, you want to make sure that you add relevant videos only.

IFTTT Recipe: Post your YouTube uploads to a Facebook Page connects youtube to facebook-pages

Share Your Latest YouTube Uploads on Reddit

Every time you upload a new video on your YouTube.com account the recipe will submit a link to the /r/videos section on Reddit.com. This recipe may help you greatly promote videos on your YouTube channel.

IFTTT Recipe: Share your latest YouTube uploads on /r/videos connects youtube to reddit

Post Videos From Your YouTube Favorites Playlist to Tumblr

A new video will be posted to your Tumblr account every time you fav a video on YouTube.com. You want to use this feature with caution because overusing it may really freak out your Tumblr audience.

IFTTT Recipe: Post videos from your YouTube favorites playlist to Tumblr connects youtube to tumblr

Posting Sweet Vimeo Vids I Like to My Tumblr

It’s pretty much the same recipe as the previous one but this time around posts will come from your Vimeo account. Making use of this and previous recipes, you need to always keep in mind what kind of audience you cater to.

IFTTT Recipe: Posting sweet Vimeo vids I like to my Tumblr connects vimeo to tumblr

In Conclusion

Combining the IFTTT SEO recipes with your direct activity on your accounts allows you to both keep them fresh and full of useful content.

What is your favorite IFTTT SEO recipe?

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Vitaliy Kolos

Coming from tech support background, Vitaliy Kolos is into tons of web stuffs: WordPress SEO (his forte), web design, web development, inbound marketing and everything in between. Other than that, he's an avid audiobook reader and insatiable digital nomad.

  • Richard Heckel

    I’m currently trying to focus on LinkedIn but unfortunately the platform does not have any IFTTT triggers, which means you can’t distribute content from LinkedIn elsewhere. Does it still hold true?

  • Gert Schoonbee

    Hi Vitaly
    I have been using IFTTT for SEO, but in a different manner. I’m gonna by trying a few of these out.

    Have you used IFTTT for linkbuilding at all? I am currently following the Semantic Mastery way of doing this, and it works nicely.

    • Thanks for your comment, Gert. Nope, I’m using IFTTT only for the purposes I’ve described 🙂 Feel free to share your experience as well.

  • small question, in your profile photo it looks like you have a patch of hair? Or is something on the wall behind you, I am having trouble figuring this out.