The Internet Is More Than Just Media

The Internet Is More Than Just Media

Using the internet is something we do daily. Whether we’re working on our own blogs and polishing up the SEO content, or we’re constantly checking out what our friends are doing in their own lives across the globe, we donate a good few hours a day to the online persona we craft for ourselves. And yet, are you using the web to its full potential?

Maybe you’ve never really strayed out of the territory of wikipedia when it comes to looking something up, and facebook is the most visited page when you open up google. If so, here’s some ideas for your to look elsewhere with your time, and often be a little more productive because of it!

There’s Plenty to Learn

You can learn how to code with a simple interface, or learn a language! With an entire world’s information at your fingertips, there’s plenty of opportunity to take a research afternoon or back linking dive for both personal and business needs. Even if you’re just a wikipedia deep diver, you can turn that on its head by trying to verify all the information you’ve come across with other sites that are often a little more trustworthy.

If you’re a little more serious about the educational opportunities that the web may afford you, look no further! There’s plenty of online courses with nationally recognised certificates out there, and even degree programs like that of an engineering management masters. What really gets people involved in learning via the internet is the self driven content that’s entirely flexible and isn’t all consuming.

If You’re Bored

A lot of fun and quirky sites exist amongst all the seriousness. Of course, things have to be fun for us to be invested in them, and when it comes to the web, visiting the same old sites every day can get extremely tiring. So, if you need something fun to use when you’re on your break, or you’re bored at home and want to take a couple of minutes away from the schedule, you’re in luck!

If you’re an artistic kind of person, put your mouse skills to the test with sites such as Picasso Head, as you can indulge in a little bit of cubism to sate your curiosity whenever you look at a Picasso painting and think, ‘Could I do that?’ These kinds of sites are all free to use, so don’t worry about a download limit. Use up your creative energy in a strong ebb and flow, and then get back to work doing the tasks you’ve been dreading to great effect.

Try not to always return to the same old social media websites with the same old content to stare at every single day. Even if you can’t do without your trust twitter feed, try following some new people and putting others on mute. You never know what you could find out in bitesize 280 character chunks, and even get inspired by when you’re following a few entrepreneurs just like you.

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