monstroid theme review

Monstroid Theme Review

You may have heard about, but they just released the really awesome multipurpose Monstroid theme that is worth your while because it’s jam-packed with a slew of breath-taking features. such as easy MotoPress Editor, theme settings backup, just to name a few. Now let’s take a deep dive in what the theme has to offer.

Installing the Monstroid Template

For starters, you will be thrilled to use the installation wizard because it makes the whole procedure a breeze. As a matter of fact, the wizard is just a WordPress plugin that you’re supposed to download and install on your WordPress before getting started with your Monstroid theme installation.

How to Download the Monstroid Installation Wizard

Having purchased the Monstroid template from, you will get a page with the link you’re supposed to click to download the Monstroid installation wizard plugin. Once downloaded (preferably on your desktop just for the sake of simplicity), you’ll have a file called

How to Install the Monstroid Installation Wizard

Now, you just need to go to your WordPress dashboard and click Add New under Plugins. Now hit the Upload Plugin option at the very top of your page. At which point, you can use the Choose File feature to select the plugin you just downloaded to your desktop (or wherever you downloaded it to). Now you just need to click the Install Now button you’re supposed to see at this point. Now, you need to enable the plugin by clicking the Activate Plugin link you should be seeing now.

How to Activate the Monstroid Installation Wizard

Once activated, you should see the plugin under Tools in your WordPress toolbar on the left-hand of your screen. Having entered your Monstroid plugin admin panel, you’ll have the option to enter your theme activation key. You can find your License Key in the order confirmation email that you received from

How to Finalize Your Monstroid Theme Installation

Now that you’ve copied your license key and pasted it in the Activation key text field in your Monstroid plugin, you can just click the blue Start button. You’ll be offered to either install the main Monstroid theme or One of Child themes. We’ll go for the main Monstroid theme. So you want to click the appropriate blue Install button.

How to Populate Your Monstroid Theme

That done, your installation process should start. It will install the Cherry framework, your child theme, live chat, just to name a few. The components will make the whole shebang work seamlessly for you. Now you just need to install the sample data that allows the theme to look exactly as on the preview page of the template.

Sample Data

You have the option to install it either from the cloud or a folder. As a rule of thumb, you want to install it from the cloud because it’s just more convenient and we all do stuff in the cloud nowadays, right? After clicking the Install from cloud button, your sample data will start uploading. Now you want to click the Continue Install button at the bottom of your page.

Video Tutorial on Monstroid Theme Installation

Once your sample data has been installed, you’ll have two options. You can either View your site or Go to Cherry Options. At this point, your Monstroid theme is completely installed and you can take your business to the next level with all the features and functionality the theme has to offer. Should you have any issues with installation, be sure to watch the video.

MotoPress Drag and Drop Editor

As the name suggests, you can use the editor to just drag and drop items to easily edit your your Monstroid theme without touching a single line of code. The editor has tons of useful features to offer so that you can time-efficiently and conveniently relocate all sorts of items, modify your texts, images, colors, videos, etc. You may want to check out this video from Laura Hartwig for more visuals.

Monstroid Theme Video Tutorials

The Monstroid theme comes with a bunch of helpful video tutorials that you can watch to get to know the Monstroid template even better. Unfortunately, the videos have no voiceover, but you still can follow along. Here’s a bunch of interesting ones.

Monstroid. How To Manage Template Typography

Monstroid. How To Change The Layout Of Main Landing Page

Monstroid. YIT Plugins Overview

Cherry Framework

The multipurpose WordPress theme is built on the advanced Cherry framework that makes many really cool features possible. What’s cool is that that pretty much it in terms of what you’re supposed to know about the framework because it just seamlessly works under the hood and allows you to just enjoy working with the use-friendly Monstroid theme.

Layout Options

You will get 15+ new themes monthly as a Monstroid theme owner, which means you’ll always be able to keep your site fresh and up-to-date in terms of design trends. Plus you can use child themes to modify your theme to your heart’s content. Since you edit your child theme, you can be sure that you’ll be able to easily roll back if something goes wacky for some reason.

Backups Beyond All

One more really peculiar feature of the Monstroid theme is that you can save both your content and your theme settings. That allows for fast crisis management because you can easily restore your posts, pages and your theme settings that took you awhile to configure. It’s really refreshing to know that all the time it took you to setup your theme won’t be in vain.

Tech Support You’re Gonna Love

Since the theme comes with lifetime updates, you may need to turn to tech support from time to time. And here comes another super awesome feature the template has to offer. Thing is, you’ll be able to talk via chat to their tech support right in your WordPress dashboard (admin panel). That’s a very well-thought approach because you get help exactly where you need it.

Bottom Line

All and all, the Monstroid theme has tons of really amazing features and is easy-to-use at the same time. You’ll be able to quickly create a site of any kind without touching a single line of code because you can edit your gorgeous WordPress site with a drag and drop editor. Gossip has it, the Monstroid theme is on steroids!

In case you’ve already did have a chance to use the theme, feel free to share your take on the matter in the comments.

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