What is a One Page Website

What is a One-Page Website?

Single page websites have grown in popularity over the past few years. More and more companies prefer them to the popular elaborate multi-page websites for their businesses.

This is because one-page website design strives to remove all the clutter and focus the users’attention to only the most relevant content. It is a simplistic website design that focuses on subtracting the obvious and adding meaningfulness.

The term ‘one-page website’ is pretty straightforward and it is exactly what it sounds – but there is more to it. In order to properly create and establish one, you do need to take into consideration a lot of points – which are discussed further.

Are one-page websites good for SEO?

The answer is yes.

A single page website provides a perfect fit for a mobile experience. Google, for instance, is launching the mobile first indexing sequence which requires websites to be responsive. Most people are also doing their searches using mobile phones.

A one-page website design is also light and hence loads much faster compared to multi-page websites. Since all the information that you want your users to focus on can be found on one page, it makes it easy you if say there are certain keywords you want to optimize. The user experience generated is also top notch which also makes it easy to target a certain specific audience.

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Why choose one-page website design?

There are several advantages that accrue from this a parallax scrolling website built with a pageless design. These include;

Control of information flow

Your visitors will be required to scroll through the information in a linear fashion as opposed to clicking on the page. You get to direct your visitors in the manner in which you want them to read information. With this, it becomes easier to deliver your message, and it will enhance the user engagement.

Creates a journey

Since you are in control of information, you are able to take your visitors through a journey as opposed to multi-page website passive experience. The web designer creates an aesthetic design using images and text slide.

Great mobile use

If there is anything, pageless design websites achieve best is mobile user experience. Users are able to scroll down the whole website without struggling with small buttons to find the information they need.

Mobile Friendly


This is not to mean that multi-page websites are not cool, they are, but if a designer has all the time to focus on designing one page, there is plenty of room to get creative, try a new thing which makes these websites stand out from the traditional standard website setup. The design is also relatively new meaning it is not the web design norm.


With the increase in cell phone users globally, web designers now consider their potential visitors before designing. With one page design, all that has to be done is scrolling, and the visitors may not have to unnecessarily click on the small screen. Hence it is perfect for mobile users.

Lots of images

With one page website, you can showcase a lot of images on your website. This image-driven layout makes the website much more appealing.

Some pitfalls of one-page website design

Cannot be used for blog centered website

Managing a blog on a single page can be a problem. So it is always a good idea to have your home page on a single page and additional pages to support blog.

Lot of scrolling

Well if you are going to showcase all your content on a single page, there is going to be a lot of scrolling for the users. In this case, it is always a good idea to consider a one page WordPress theme with smooth scrolling that will eliminate the issue of scrolling.

Greater loading time

Because of the presence of a lot of content on a single page, a single page website needs longer loading time than a multi-page website. You can consider using lazy load so that your users do not have to wait for a long period of time for your website to load.

loading time

Sharing content becomes difficult

With social media now trending, sharing content across various social media platforms has increased. But with one-page website design – it becomes difficult to share the content from the website because of a single URL. To avoid this, a blog can be created with rich and meaningful content.

This can be done by opting a single page design for the homepage and multiple post pages for the blog. There are plenty of single Page WordPress Themes that provide a single page home page and support multiple posts and pages too.

How good is a one-page website for business?

Since we have established that they are good for SEO, it, therefore, goes without saying they are a perfect fit for business. If a website design is optimizable and effortlessly and more so for mobile use then you should have it for your business.

There are over 2 billion people today accessing the web through their mobile phones. User experience to them is primary, so you should offer what they are looking for. It is easy to find products and information on a one-page website through mobile than it is from a multipage website.

Using one-page website design in WordPress

If you are planning to venture into this design of the future, then you should go for a one page WordPress website. Most designers today build with WordPress because of its simple customization capabilities. It is also readily available in open market. There are also readily available one page WordPress themes for designers and beginners as well to practice with.

A website designed with a one page WordPress theme is unique and thorough. The designer has a wide range of themes to choose from and can also use their creativity and imagination to edit the code to achieve the uniqueness they have in mind. There is no limit to what they can create.

In conclusion

One page website design has its own set of pros and cons. With some cons, there are more pros which make one-page design a complete treat. Using single page website design will help you create a compact, easy-to-use, engaging website. And if you plan on using WordPress, one page WordPress themes will brighten up your website.

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