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You like to work more? Today’s post is a very helpful one just because of that simple fact that we all work (at offices or whatever) and – sooner or later – we ask questions about our work performance and if we can change something in it in order to make it more enjoyable both for us and our bosses (coz they pay us money for what we are doing or at least what we are supposed to do). It starts off innocently. You can easily defend a few extra hours added to a work week as a good investment in your career… However, the normal workweek becomes longer. With days chock full of deadlines and distractions the workweek lengthens to 60 hours and beyond.

Your work performance is the number one driver of career success. Working more hours is clearly one strategy but consider other options that can be more effective. The combination of effective time management strategies and the efficient use of technology can be a deadly opponent to working more hours. Top performers have assembled a toolkit of time management strategies to systematically manage unruly workloads.

Setting priorities is another tool to use to ensure your time is spent where it counts. Prioritization of tasks gives you the ability to accomplish other career advancement opportunities, too. Try a new strategy and measure the results. It’s time to put workweek creep in its rightful place!


Work Smarter Infographic

What do you think about that, guys?

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