How to Make a Website

This page will take you all the way from the how to make a website question to an actual site launch. You can just follow all the steps outlined below or just skip to the step where you got stuck.

1. Keyword Research

For starters, you need to conduct a keyword research. It’ll help you see which keyword terms people are using to find the product or service that you want to offer on your site. Note: if you don’t do that, you’ll almost certainly fall flat. And you don’t want that… Once you’re done with your keyword research, you should have 1-3 keywords (for a specific page) that you want to rank for. You should take SEO into account both before and after you launch your site. Truth is, you can’t apply or not apply SEO to your site. It’s there by default because it’s an integral part of your site and the web in general. The question is whether your site is SEO-optimized or not. In case it’s not, the odds are you’re just leaving money on the table. Once you know your keywords, move to the next step – hosting and domain name.

2. How to Choose a Domain Name

It’s a very crucial thing if you’re determined to create a website that will work for years. Previously, it was really trendy to select a domain name that had your keyword in it’s name. For example, if you sell cheap MacBooks, the domain name should ideally be “’ or something like that, but it’s different now.

So, you just need to come up with a name that is catchy and use it in your domain name.You can still use your keyword as a part of your domain name. It’s preferable to use .com, .net or .org in your domain name, but it’s not the end of the world if you can’t. You can check the video on the right for more info on how to properly choose a domain name for your site. It explains what to keep in mind while picking a domain name for your future website.

3. Hosting Company for Your Site

Keeping in mind that you’re about to start your online business, you definitely need a reliable web hosting with good uptime (99% or higher) and friendly tech support. The importance of your web hosting choice increases in case you want to sell stuff online, because if your potential customer comes to the site when it’s down, you won’t close a deal. The video on the right hand side goes into the details about what aspects you need to consider before buying a hosting plan. If you just need advice and an exact company name that I recommend here you go I recommend that company because I’ve used them on my own and you’ll see how cool they are. Plus WordPress suggests them as well. And those guys know what works for sure, because they develop the WordPress CMS itself.

4. How to Install WordPress

The easiest and the most feature-rich CMS nowadays is WordPress. And that’s exactly what you need to install on your hosting server. Think it’s hard? Nope, it’s not. See it for yourself. Just click on the video near the text you’re reading. Paul from explains how to install WordPress on their server step-by-step. As you’ll see in the video, it’s just a few clicks away. You wanna use WordPress because it’s the best solution for quick site installation. Plus it’s really user-friendly and SEO optimized out of the box. So, your site will be visible for potential customers that Google search for the products or services you offer on your site. What’s more, WordPress allows adding more features. You’ll be able to easily do it with the help of plugins. Now let’s see how you can spice it up.

5. How to Make Your Site Look Great

What’s really cool about WordPress is that your can either create your own design or just install an existing one and you’re good to go. There’re a whole lot of companies out there that offer amazing designs for WordPress, but the most high-quality and affordable ones are from ThemeForest. When I first used their theme I was really surprised how well-though and visually appealing they are! I adore the fact that you can edit just about everything with the help of the admin panel that comes with your WordPress installation. You really want to see the video on the right, because it’ll give you an idea why I’m so crazy about their WordPress designs and why you should be. They combined the price and quality in the most optimal way possible.

6. How to Promote Your Site

Now that you know how and where you can get a theme, it’s perfect timing to start your site promotion so that you can earn some cash with it. Before you go any further, make sure that your actual site is ready for content promotion. That done, you want to check your keyword rankings and see where you are in Google compared to your competitors.

After that, you need to check what back-links your competitors have and do your best to get all those links plus a few more to be ranked higher in Google than your rivals. Once you do all that, you’ll be #1 in Google!

The only problem is that it’s a whole lot of work, but you can just contact me and I’ll get back to you with a DETAILED plan of what I’ll do so that you win over your competitors without time wasted.

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