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All SEO in Video

You need to build links from certain sites, but you’re not exactly sure how to do that? Now you don’t have to waste hours or days figuring that out. You can just watch video SEO training courses (or just videos) and follow actions explained.

video SEO training

WordPress SEO Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching to help you efficiently build links from the right sites. The first 30 minute call is free. You can reach me on Skype at vitaliykolos.

Video SEO Courses on All Devices

The content of the courses is responsive and you can load it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You won’t waste any more time. Instead, you’ll be learning new valuable skills in minutes.

video SEO

Why You Want Video SEO Training


You'll be able to learn SEO as fast as you need it. That holds true both for on-page and off-page search engine optimization. No need to do any guesswork instead of doing what really matters.


Other than learning new skills on your own, you'll be able to teach your own staff so that you can do more meaningful work instead of teaching.


The content of my courses are regularly updated so that you can rest assured that you will watch totally up-to-date screencasts on WordPress and search engine optimization in general.

SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users (friendly to newbies)