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People are more eager to buy WordPress themes if they have product videos. Get a professional product video and boost your sales by 85%!

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  • WordPress theme video review
  • (up to 3 minutes)
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  • WordPress theme video review
  • (up to 10 minutes)
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product videos for WordPress themes

How it Works

  • 1

    Test Drive

    I download and test drive (install, configure, edit, etc) your WordPress theme to see how it works so that I know what benefits to highlight in your product video (tutorial). You can suggest what features and advantages of your WordPress theme you'd like me to mention in your product video.

  • 2

    Script for Video

    I put together a transcript (the exact wording I'm going to use for creating your product video) and run it by you so that you can confirm that you're OK with it. Having that done, I use the transcript for recording your video.

  • 3

    You Get Your Video!

    I’ll record a product video for your WordPress theme and run it by you as well to make sure that you're happy with the work and in case you’d like me to tweak anything. Long story short, you have total control over what your video is going to be about.

Videos Increase Conversion Rates

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could very well be worth a thousand sales.  Considering that viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video of your WordPress theme – this is one marketing force you can’t afford to ignore.

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Where to Use Product Videos for WordPress Themes?

You'll be able to use a product video for your WordPress theme on your support site, Facebook, YouTube channel, etc. That gives your WordPress theme more exposure and convinces your clients to buy your theme, because they'll know how to work with it.

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Benefits of Product Videos for WordPress Themes

You'll Sell More Copies of Your Theme

If you clearly state on your product page that your WordPress theme comes with product videos (video tutorials), people will be more likely to buy your theme.

Less Tech Support 

Since your users will have everything they need for wrapping their heads around how to install, configure and edit your theme, they won't bug you with support questions.

Focus on the Right Aspects

You'll be able to suggest what you'd like me to highlight in your WordPress theme product video to ensure that your prospects or users focus on the awesome features your WordPress theme has to offer.

People Will Buy More Themes From You

If you impress people with your useful how-to videos for one of your themes, they will assume that all your WordPress themes come with similar product videos and consequently buy more from you.

Product Videos for More Exposure

You can use your video tutorials for publishing them on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc), which will attract close attention to your WordPress theme.

Watching Beats Reading

The great thing about product videos for WordPress themes is that people vastly prefer watching over reading (just consider the last time you watched the news versus reading a newspaper!). It spans nearly every industry and demographic.

What Clients Say

Brad Jasper

I needed an overview video for my product so users could watch a quick video and understand everything they needed to be productive. Vitaliy was able to produce this very quickly and with a high degree of quality! The turnaround was fantastic, and I would definitely use his services again in the future. Definitely recommended!

Brad Jasper,
Cody Arsenault

Working with Vitaliy was a pleasure as he was very detailed, always prompt in responding. Really great experience working with the guy. He's one of the most professional product video for WordPress creators I've worked with.

Cody Arsenault,
Claus Behrens

Vitaliy has been great to work with - quick and easy. He was extremely understanding of the whole project and was ready to work. I know he will be a great person to work with.

Claus Behrens,

Convert Visitors into Customers!

Videos allow you to easily attract your visitors and convert  them into paying customers. Instead of boring text, you can offer them product videos that highlight all the benefits of your WordPress theme and visually show how they can effortlessly use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the turnaround time?

You’ll get your ready product video (screencast) within two weeks after you place an order.

What if I want a product video longer than 10 minutes? You have the option to order a product video of any length. If your WordPress theme video is longer than 10 minutes, you’ll just need to pay as low as $22 per each extra minute. Long story short, you’re not constrained when it comes to the length of your video.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you'll be able to conveniently and safely pay with PayPal.

How did you arrive at the price?

Since creating a product video (screencast, tutorial) involves a technical writer with in-depth WordPress skills, audio editor, video editor (Camtasia Studio, ScreenFlow), QA manager and a detail-oriented project manager, the price turns out to be best in the industry.

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