SEO Packages

You can order one of the following SEO packs to improve your site rankings in an efficient way. Once you order your package, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours for the keyword that you’d like to rank for.

How It Works

Now let me explain you what exactly you’ll get with your SEO package. What you need to care about in content promotion is relevancy and authority. That means links from relevant and authoritative sites.

With that being said, 20% of the links built will be keyword rich, which means they’ll contain the exact keyword that you want to be ranked for. I’ll do guest posting and blog commenting for that.

The other 80% of links in your SEO Package will come from all sorts of reputable resources in order to bump up your site’s authority in general. Sticking to the 20/80 rule allows to grow your website search engine visibility in a natural way.


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