How Can A Custom Web Design Help Your Business?

Custom Web Design

When it comes to web design for your business, you have two main choices. You can use a pre-made, generic theme or you can use a custom web design. While it’s sometimes possible to find a decent design from a generic theme, you’re usually better off going the extra mile and getting a custom design. To understand why this is so, let’s go over some of the primary benefits. We’re gonna tackle: unique identity, professionalism, adaptability for growth, branding, and more control. And guys I’d love your comments 🙂

Unique Identity

First of all, you can make your business stand out from competitors by using a highly customized and eye appealing design. Many times, establishing a unique identity can give a business the momentum it needs to propel itself past the competition. Allowing a professional to develop an original web design is often a way to accomplish this and should attract the attention of your demographic. Otherwise, it’s difficult to really gain any traction when your website is plain looking. Even if your content is superb, it will be hard to get people excited with a boring design. However, a fresh look is often all it takes rise above the masses.


Going this route is also an effective way to lend your business a sense of professionalism. Since the design of your website is ultimately a reflection of your business, it’s mandatory that you look legitimate. Like in life, first impressions online are lasting and it’s important to make a favorable one right away. In fact, the average person will make a judgment call about a website within the first 10 seconds of arrival. If it looks professional and appears to offer value, he is likely to stick around and explore your site further. Otherwise, if your website looks unprofessional, he may simply leave and look for another. If you expect to make any serious conversions and build a following, it’s imperative that your web design is top notch. Speaking of which, you can easily have an amazing site created for you because website design in NY is something that you can find pretty fast.

Adaptable for Growth

Many times, businesses start off small and their websites don’t require a lot of bells and whistles. However, as a business progresses, it will inevitably see growth. When you use a pre-made theme, you’re often stuck and modifying the theme can be an arduous process. Using a custom web design is different because you can plan ahead for growth and work with your designer again in the future. This way you can continually add as needed to accommodate the natural growth of your business.

Ideal for Branding

These days, branding has become more and more important for a business to maximize its customer or client base. In fact, it’s almost a necessity in overcrowded markets with a surplus of competition. If you plan on branding your business, you will definitely want to use a custom web design. Since your website will basically act as your home base, you can take your business logo and slogan and use it on other mediums. For example, you might use the same logo and slogan on social media websites like Facebook and Pinterest. Even if you don’t plan on doing any branding right away, you will be set up in case you want to in the future.

More Control

While some pre-made templates allow you to edit certain parts of a website, a custom design gives you full control in most cases. For example, if you want to alter the navigation on your website, you can easily do it without a lot of hassle. If you want to include extra sub-pages or add a blog, it shouldn’t be a problem. Basically, a custom web design puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to adaptability and being able to make changes along the way.

Article written by Jet Russell. Jet has spent 3 years in the Internet industry and occasionally contributes to the blogosphere with Internet related articles where he is an avid community member.

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