Refund Policy

The WebDesy team always strives to provide you with the best web design services. However for some reasons a customer can request a refund. In consideration of the specific character of the services we provide, a refund request can be applied for the following reasons:

1. When a customer declines a proposed design and a preliminary version of the website provided by and refuses to go ahead with new alterations;

2. When delays with the project realization, and due to some reasons on its side cannot accomplish the project duly, in the time-frames initially set with customer’s consent and acknowledgement;

3. When the customer claims for the poor quality of the website he has received. In this case we will definitely honor the refund request.

The only case when we can decline a refund request is when it is applied after the customer signs an Acknowledgment of Receipt.

Our team creates a website following the customer’s wishes and suggestions. Every step of the web design process is approved by the customer. A preliminary version of the website is reviewed by the customer who can accept it and approve as a final design or request any updates. A deadline for delivery is started as soon as you confirm the ultimate version of your project. You should sign an Acknowledgement of Receipt when the project is finished and delivered to you.