The Only WordPress Checklist You Will Ever Need!

This is a guest post by Nirav Dave.

I am sure you’ll agree when I say that WordPress is the best CMS around today. It is free, easy to use, fully customizable, and gives excellent results at the end.Which is probably why WordPress powers more than 20% of all the world’s websites on the internet today!

However, even with the world’s most popular CMS, you will need to get all the basics right in order to create a quality WordPress website that meets all your requirements. And if you have worked with WordPress, then I am sure, you must have looked for a detailed WordPress guide or checklist, at some point or the other.If yes, then I have something really nice to share with you!

As I was looking for a similar guide myself, I came across an awesome new infographic that covers everything that is needed in the development of a WordPress website.That’s right, everything! No wonder it has been named as the “Killer” WordPress checklist!So let me tell you WHY you need this awesome checklist:

Firstly, if you regularly work with WordPress, then you may have faced situations when you might have missed a small but crucial step while developing a website.That is precisely where this checklist can come in handy! It covers all possible steps involved in the process; so all you will need to do is follow it systematically, and you will be able to build an impressive website without any hassles.

Now, some of you may wonder that there are a number of such WordPress checklists on the internet. So why is this one so special? Let us tell you why!

The infographic, which is brilliantly created by Capsicum Mediaworks, encompasses every aspect of building a successful WordPress website.

Here are all the things you will find in this exhaustive infographic;

  • WordPress Pre-Development Checklist
  • WordPress Development Checklist
  • WordPress Launch Checklist
  • WordPress SEO Checklist
  • WordPress Security Checklist
  • WordPress Maintenance Checklist

So this guide is actually composed of 7 different checklists that will take care of all your WordPress needs! Impressive isn’t it? You don’t need to go anywhere else to look for checklists focusing on individual aspects of WordPress development because it is all included here! Just bookmark this checklist and refer to it every time you work on a website, and say goodbye to your WordPress woes forever!

Enjoy the infographic!

Killer WordPress Checklist by the team at Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP

wordpress checklist infographic

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Nirav Dave is the founder of Capsicum Mediaworks, a digital agency in Mumbai that specializes in all things web design. He worships WordPress and loves to read anything and everything written about this exceptional CMS.

  • Richard Heckel

    That looks decent but I guess you want your infographic to be more visual. It’s a bit jam packed with wording rather than graphics.

  • leslieyanez1

    Fantastic comments . I was enlightened by the analysis – Does someone know if my assistant might be able to acquire a sample MO DWC WC-G-11 document to complete ?

    • I’m not really sure what you mean. Please elaborate.