The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

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If you’ve ever performed a job for a web design client, you may have run into one guy that just made you want to pull your hair out due to the frustration he caused you in the process of communicating how to design his picture perfect business website. Sounds familiar? If you haven’t run into the type of guy that constantly gives you the runaround, you may just be lucky. Even if you haven’t run into the troublesome guy, you probably have run into the type of client that doesn’t really know what they want in a website. It’s like a complex game of “guess and check” decoding just what it is that they want.

There are always a few things you can use as guidelines to make your job a whole lot easier for both you and your web design client. Check out this infographic for an idea of what makes website design customers clueless and an easy way to keep your sanity high, your pocketbook full and your workload free of unnecessary headaches.

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The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

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