reputation repair

How to Do Reputation Repair (Book Review)

If you need to fix your online reputation or just make it more future-proof, you want to check out the book entitled Reputation Repair. If you ask me who the book is for, I’d say for everybody who cares about his or her online reputation. That may sound counter intuitive at first sight, but you…

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Airport Transfer WordPress Themes

If you want to launch an airport transfer site like but don’t have the skills to make a design for that sort of business, the post is for you. You will get to know how and where you can buy awesome website designs (WordPress themes) to get your website off the ground before you know it.…

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Effective Ways to Improve Your Online Store

This is a guest post. Building a successful online business from the ground up wasn’t easy, but you proved to be more than up to the task. Since opening your online store, you’ve managed to attract a loyal customer base and consistently turn a nice profit. However, even a well-oiled machine needs an occasional tune-up.…

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Young pretty business woman with computer in the office

Social Media Marketing Tips for Politicians

If you’re planning on running for office for the 2016 election year, you probably want to know what the most effective strategy is to reach the voters. The truth is, the best way to reach your voters is via social media marketing. It’s not only one of the most effective ways to reach a large…

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A Look Into Smart DNS

You keep hearing all of your friends talking about the latest television shows and you want to know what all of the hype is about; however, in order to watch the shows, you need to get a subscription to Netflix, Hulu or some other type of blocked website. Those blocked websites are often unavailable in…

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render of gears and the text wordpress

The Only WordPress Checklist You Will Ever Need!

This is a guest post by Nirav Dave. I am sure you’ll agree when I say that WordPress is the best CMS around today. It is free, easy to use, fully customizable, and gives excellent results at the end.Which is probably why WordPress powers more than 20% of all the world’s websites on the internet…

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Chances are, you considered using CDN for your own site or your client suggested doing so, but you’re not really sure if CDN and SEO are compatible and safe to use. You don’t really want to lose any rankings just because you or your customer decided to take the next gimmicky bait. There are a lot…

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Email Coding Tips from FreshMail

I want to share a cool find about FreshMail in this post. Here’s the deal. I’ve been sending standard emails as part of my email marketing campaigns up till now, but it’s time to make it more custom because it allows to better convey the look and feel of your brand. Problem is, you can’t…

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Website Designs for Shoe Stores

If you decided to launch a brand new shoelace or shoe store (or just want to revamp your old site), you definitely need to make sure that your site looks AMAZING and blows your customers’ minds right that instant. Problem is, you won’t be able to design such a design if you’re not professional designer.…

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How to buy a site

How to Buy a Site

Buying a site can be a good idea if you’re sure that you’re able to beat the competition of the site you buy. That’s why the first thing that you’re supposed to do before you even think about buying a site is check its competitors. You want to ensure that you’ll be able to do the…

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Insurance Company Landing Page

Epic Car Dealership Website Designs

If you run a car-related business online, you want to make sure that it looks totally amazing because you’ll be able to convert more clients in that scenario. To do that, you need a website that looks decent and conveys the idea that the services that the company provides are of the same top-notch quality,…

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SEO phone joke

SEO Joke Audio from Barry Schwartz

This post is just an SEO joke audio from Barry Schwartz. In a nutshell, an SEO company kept on calling Barry’s phone number and he decided to make things really interesting and went the extra mile to record the actual conversation so that we can enjoy it now. The persons calling talks to a recording…

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If you’re an SEO, you usually have lots on your plate. You need to do link building, content creation, content marketing, you name it. As a matter of fact, you can just use IFTTT SEO recipes to automate many menial and manual activities you may be doing on a daily basis now. Having read the…

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Google + for SEOs

Google Plus for SEOs

If you want to improve your SEO rankings real fast – even if it’s a brand new site – you godda use Google Plus. Some SEOs conducted experiments and the evidence is obvious. Google Plus for SEOs work. If you have a Google + account associated with your site, it usually improves your SERP rankings.…

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search intent

Search Intent in Keyword Research

Do you select keywords based only on the amount of monthly searches and if they have anything to do with your niche? Chances are, you’re shooting yourself in the foot because you don’t take into account a very crucial aspect of keyword research. What exactly or most likely does the searcher that uses your keyword…

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