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Bulk PR Checker??? Yeah, I know that PR is not a primal SEO metric anymore, but you still may need to check it from time to time. You may use it if you get an email from an SEO who offers you cheap links on high PR sites, blah-blah-blah … Sure thing, it’s Ok to just delete that sort of messages right off the bat in most cases. Should you get a hunch that that person offers you something worth your while, you need a tool that can quickly check PR. It goes without saying that it’s just the first step of doing due diligence, but you do want to make it happen as soon as possible and in bulk. That’s exactly what the tool is perfect for.


What the New MozBar Brings to the Table

Moz logo

If you’re a serious SEO guy (in the best sense of the word), you totally need the new MozBar. In case you have it installed on your browser, you should have the newest version because it automatically updates which is a good thing in this case. Though some features are available to paid subscribers only, the new MozBar is still worth installing because it makes your SEO life by far easier. You’ll be able to easily perform page analysis (on-page elements, general attributes, inbound links, markup and http statuses), highlight certain type of links, quickly analyze SERPs (with custom search profiles) and even assess keyword difficulty.


How to Check Links Manually

check links

You may be like,” Why check links manually?” It goes without saying that you need to automate whenever possible if it does not jeopardize your link profile and online reputation. That said, you still need to do some stuff manually. For example, check links pointing to your site from third party ones. It may even sound like or actually be a really menial work, but there are times when you need to do it just because you can’t outsource that sort of activities for either security or reliability reasons. Some things are just of too high importance for a third party assistance. One of such things would be a manual backlink checkup.


How to Manually Detect a Link Network


As you probably know Google got really unhappy with link networks. Especially free and low-quality ones. If you need to track down link networks manually, you need to know what factors are taken into account while doing so. Plus it’s always a good idea to double-check any automatically-generated result that claims the need to remove your link from a specific site. It can just be downright wrong. To be on the safe side, you actually need to be absolutely sure that the presumably link network is actually one. Now, let’s get your hands dirty with all the nitty gritty factors that make a bad link network.


SEO for Bloggers – Audiobook Review

seo for bloggers

As a busy search engine expert, you don’t really have that much time on your hands to sit down and actually read a nice book about SEO for bloggers or what not, but there’s still hope. Thing is, you can just start listening to audiobooks. Odds are, you may be surprised by the amount of totally awesome books which are currently available in audio format. What’s more, there’s a whole lot of search engine optimization related audiobooks out there. This post reviews one of them that I hand-picked for your consideration. The book you’ll learn about is called SEO for Bloggers.


How to Ping Brand New Pages

How to ping

You need to get to know how to ping brand new pages just because search engines don’t really pay much attention to pages created in the deep web. The deep web is the part of the Internet that is not often (if at all) crawled by search engines just because it’s not considered important enough. If you create a site on a sitebuilder platform and don’t add a decent amount of useful content, chances are, you’re in the deep web. That’s exactly where pinging comes to rescue. You’ll learn now how to do it with the help of Pingler.com. The post offers you both an official explainer video and WebDesy’s step-by-step tutorial.


Working on a New Course on Link Building (video)

Working on a New Course - How to Build Links on High Domain Authority Sites

If you ever felt like you need a full-fledged video SEO course on building links on high domain authority sites, I got good news for you. A new course on link building is on its way! Thing is, I’m currently working on a brand new video course that shows how to do just that. You’ll be able to just watch episodes and create links for your site on a regularly basis. It’s a totally unique course because there are no alternatives out there. Sure thing, there are things like Moz and stuff like that, but their videos talk about SEO in general. Sort of. The course that I’m working on will pretty much take you by the hand and


20 Killer Free Web Resources from DealFuel


This is a guest post from DealFuel.com.
Well, we all love free stuff. Especially when it’s so good and in a myriad of categories! Today we bring you 20 free web resources which include stock images, theme and templates.These resources come in high-quality making sure that your web projects always maintain the same calibre. So whether you’re looking for “plug and play” visual content, some beautiful textures, or icons, you’re bound to find new favorite free web design resources in this list. Get started today with this pack and get your website the desired eye-candy!


The All-In-One CSS Generator That Does More

Generate CSS logo

Since the release of CSS3, more and more websites have been including it to spice up their websites without the use of images that can slow down the website. And as you may probably be aware of, the speed of a website can greatly impact its SEO. Plus, not only are the tasks required to design a website repetitive, so are the majority of the online CSS generators many designers have come to use on a daily basis to the point that there is nothing useful about them anymore. All designers must agree that the hardest part is weaving CSS and HTML together into a neat bundle for the output to look right in every browser.


SEO Guy Available for Hire Now

SEO Expert

Really awesome news here. I’m ready for hire here :) Thing is, I’m done with most of my major clients and ready to help more people when it comes to search engine optimization and brand promotion on the web. In case you have a website that needs an SEO revamp, you can just get in touch with me the way you like, such as in the comments, via Twitter, Facebook, Skype. Once you show me your site, I’ll run an in-depth analysis of your situation and compare you against your competitors. That done, I’ll get back to you with a detailed plan of attack that you can stick to in order to take over your competitors and conquer the world.


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