DELUCKS SEO Plugin for Wordpress

How to Optimize Your Site With DELUCKS SEO

In this post, you’ll get to know about the DELUCKS SEO Plugin for WordPress. It’s an extremely robust WordPress plugin that allows you to efficiently take care of your on-page and tech SEO. Despite all the functionality it has to offer, you can easily install and configure the plugin within minutes. Other than that, the…

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Top 10 Bartending Designs for WordPress

If you’re a pub owner who would like to launch a brand new pub website or just a designer that needs bartending designs for WordPress, you’re in the right place because the post offers you the best hand-picked website designs that will allow you to attract more clients to your business and convince them to…

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How to Easily Add a Sticky Footer

In this post, you’ll get to know about the benefits of the Footr plugin for WordPress. This responsive plugin allows you to create a sticky footer that neatly appears once the visitor scrolls down to the very bottom of your site. By the way, it’s the first and only available footer reveal plugin for WordPress,…

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featured image

How to Optimize Images with the Optimus Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

In our day and age, it’s really hard to exaggerate the importance of optimized images because image size influences your site performance, user experience and last but not least SEO keyword rankings. That’s exactly where Optimus Image Optimizer comes into play. It’s a neat WordPress plugin from that optimizes your images both efficiently and…

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Focus app video review

Review of the Focus App for Mac (Video)

If you keep on getting distracted by all sorts of sites and apps instead of doing things that you really need to do (like your actual job that allows you to pay bills), you most definitely should consider using the Focus app for Mac from Brad Jasper. I’m talking here from experience because that’s the…

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social media

15 Best Apps for Social Media Managers

This is a guest post by Skornia Alison. Social media management is no easy task and if someone thinks so, they should get hit by a hard ball on the head. Perhaps, the pain they feel will make them realize the pain of managing tons of social media accounts all at once, and being really…

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How to find emails on sites

How to Find an Email Address on a Site

Being an SEO guy, you need to find sites’ email addresses time and time again. If the site owner placed his email address in a really convenient and visible spot, off you go. But what if it’s not really the case and you just can’t find that exact place (if any) where that email address…

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wordpress schwag

What’s the Best Source of Free WordPress Themes?

As a rule of thumb, people turn to the directory for free WordPress themes. That’s understandable because that’s the official place where all sorts of WordPress themes are up for grabs. Now, it is really the best source of free WordPress themes or we are just led to believe so?

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monstroid theme review

Monstroid Theme Review

You may have heard about, but they just released the really awesome multipurpose Monstroid theme that is worth your while because it’s jam-packed with a slew of breath-taking features. such as easy MotoPress Editor, theme settings backup, just to name a few. Now let’s take a deep dive in what the theme has to…

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Wordpress SEO Post Optimizer

WordPress SEO Post Optimizer (Review)

Are you struggling with optimizing your WordPress posts or pages for SEO? In that case you’ll be glad to get to know about a really neat plugin I bumped into the other day. It’s called WordPress SEO Post Optimizer. You will be able to make sure that your post is in check SEO-wise within just…

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reputation repair

How to Do Reputation Repair (Book Review)

If you need to fix your online reputation or just make it more future-proof, you want to check out the book entitled Reputation Repair. If you ask me who the book is for, I’d say for everybody who cares about his or her online reputation. That may sound counter intuitive at first sight, but you…

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Airport Transfer WordPress Themes

If you want to launch an airport transfer site like but don’t have the skills to make a design for that sort of business, the post is for you. You will get to know how and where you can buy awesome website designs (WordPress themes) to get your website off the ground before you know it.…

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Effective Ways to Improve Your Online Store

This is a guest post. Building a successful online business from the ground up wasn’t easy, but you proved to be more than up to the task. Since opening your online store, you’ve managed to attract a loyal customer base and consistently turn a nice profit. However, even a well-oiled machine needs an occasional tune-up.…

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Young pretty business woman with computer in the office

Social Media Marketing Tips for Politicians

If you’re planning on running for office for the 2016 election year, you probably want to know what the most effective strategy is to reach the voters. The truth is, the best way to reach your voters is via social media marketing. It’s not only one of the most effective ways to reach a large…

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A Look Into Smart DNS

You keep hearing all of your friends talking about the latest television shows and you want to know what all of the hype is about; however, in order to watch the shows, you need to get a subscription to Netflix, Hulu or some other type of blocked website. Those blocked websites are often unavailable in…

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