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How to Find Links to Your Affiliate Programs

Find Links

You may need to find links within your site if a site whose affiliate program you take part in updates its link structure. For example, you used http://www.your-aff-link.com?a=me, but now you’re supposed to use http://www.your-aff-link.com?a=moi. If your don’t update your affiliate links, you just won’t be paid for your referrals. Long story short, you need to find all your affiliate links and update them so that they have the correct structure (i.e with ?a=moi). If you don’t have that many of them (affiliate links), you can find and update your affiliate links manually. Problem is, it may get pretty daunting to do that if you have a deluge of affiliate links.


Best Free SEO Apps for Your iPhone 5s


Thing is, there are tons of free SEO apps for your iPhone out there. That means you can install them and assist your customers or just work with your own site right on the go. Right here and right now. I’ve spent a few HOURS installing and testing a whole lot of apps for my iPhone 5S. Here’s the thing. This post is actually a roundup of the best free SEO apps for your iPhone. Most of them are actual apps that you can use for all sorts of search engine things, but you’ll also find two items that are essentially video courses packaged as Udemy.com courses. Thus you can learn how to handle SEO for your website and select the tools you want to use for that.


How to Buy the Perfect Domain Name for Your Web Site

registered domain name

This is a guest post by Cara Chance. She kindly shares the tips and tricks on how to get an aged domain name for your site. That’s beneficial to launch your online business with such a domain in terms of SEO.

You have a great idea for a web site, and you’re sure you can generate some income from it. You also have a terrific design idea, one that is sure to bring in audience and keep it on your site. Now the trick is finding just the right domain name for your site.


WordPress App for iPhone 5s

Wordpress App for iPhone 5s

This article will walk you through the process of installing and using the WordPress app for iPhone 5s or any other version. You’ll be able to handle both WordPress.com and stand-alone WordPress blogs. With that in mind, you can use your iPhone to update or create brand new blog posts any time you feel like doing so. That means you will be able to make use of every free minute you get now and then. For example, waiting for clients or your date :) The benefit is pretty obvious because you’ll never waste a single minute. You’ll be able to both feel and actually be productive when it comes to blogging on the go.


Job Boards for an SEO Freelancer

seo jobs

Sick of that 9 to 5 job schedule and really wanna go solo now? Got you covered. This post has a slew of options for an SEO freelancer that decided to take the plunge and finally break free. Sure thing, all the job boards listed below are not specifically for search engine experts, but each and single of them does have quite a few SEO openings. I’d recommend registering on all of them so that you can easily keep track of all the options that get available on a regular basis. Long story short, if you sign up with all of the job boards from the list below, you can rest assured that you will have jobs coming your way day in and day out.


Building Profitable Guest Blogging Relationships

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts really turned the guest blogging community on its head a couple of months ago. Cutts said that many people were abusing guest blogging (basically coz it downright worked) and that it was effectively dead for SEO. Even though Cutts said that guest blogging can still be a great way to gain exposure, his words really made a lot of people much more cautious. Many bloggers have become much more hesitant about accepting guest posts after these recent statements. You need to convince bloggers that you are a legitimate guest blogger rather than a spammer trolling for links. You just godda build guest blogging relationships.


5 Tips to Create Optimized Yet Catchy Title Tags

meta tags

There is a fine balance between a catchy title tag and an optimized one. It isn’t always easy to get the two just right and provide both, with one not outweighing the other. Some people aren’t even sure of how to use tags in the first place, which is understandable. The average blog owner has started their site out of a love of the subject and content, not with any technical chops backing it up. Luckily, the process is pretty easy. All you need are these five tips, and you will have interesting and catchy, yet search engine optimized title tags that will bring people to your site and really help you out in results.


How To Perform WordPress A/B Testing With Google Analytics

WordPress A/B testing

WordPress is a fantastic resource and probably the best content management system (CMS) for creating websites out there. This is of course partially thanks to the ease of use the CMS brings to the table and also the fantastic array of plug-ins. WordPress-based sites allow you so much control over what you add, when you add it and how your site looks and performs. Of course, getting your website right and optimizing it for your viewers’ user experience is one of the biggest battles out there. A site may look aesthetically great, however ensuring it’s working to the best of its ability takes more than just a hunch.


Writing a Blog Post With SEO in Mind


Though you’re not supposed to go totally SEO crazy while writing a blog post because it can backfire, you still need to make sure that you keep track of really important aspects of your blog posts at all times. This post will walk you through the process that I stick to when I add content to the blog. Writing a blog post is not all about search engine optimization. Think about your reader first and foremost. Before you go any further, you need to make sure that your post looks great. Plus you want your blog post to be easy to understand and navigate. So, your site will become user friendly only if you keep all its components in check.


Udemy SEO Course for Beginners

SEO course

Totally new to SEO and not sure how to get started? Thing is, you can just take an SEO course for beginners so that you know both what you need to do on your site and off your site in order to make your site visible and reachable for Google and visitors. The course that I offer you today is for those of you guys who are not familiar with search engine optimization. I’ve personally taken the course to get to know about its cons and pros so that you can make an education decision if you need to take it. Now you can read the review and see if it covers the topics that you’d like to know more about.


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