Link Opportunities in OpenSiteExplorer

Link Opportunities in OpenSiteExplorer from Moz

It’s a quick post to just let you guys know that Moz added a few new features (Link Opportunities)  to their OpenSiteExplorer. Now you can use the tool to find and fix broken pages with inbound links, find unlinked mentions and see which links your competitors have, but you don’t. The features are available to…

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WordPress Blog from Your iPhone

How to Run a WordPress Blog from Your iPhone (early bird)

Would you like to get to know how to run your WordPress blog right from your iPhone? If that’s the case, I got pretty good news for you. Thing is, I’m currently working on a brand new video course entitled How to Run a WordPress Blog from Your iPhone. The course will address pretty much…

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paradox SEO

Paradox SEO Platform Review

The other day I had a chance to check out a brand new SEO tool called Paradox SEO. I should say it’s a really interesting new player on the block. It has tons of metrics and suggestions for your site, but I’d like to highlight only those that really kick butt.

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compare with previous results

How to Compare Your Rankings with Any Date in the Past (VIDEO)

Rank Tracker got an interesting feature the other day. It allows you to compare your rankings with any date in the past. You may want to use the feature to check against results of certain SEO activities that you did within a certain period of time. With the feature, you can now better understand if…

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Easy Table WordPress plugin

How to Add a Neat Table in WordPress

Do you sometimes need to use a table in WordPress but it’s too tedious, daunting and just useless to create one with plain HTML? You know that messing with HTML is really time consuming and your own custom table won’t look that good anyway? This post offers you a super easy step-by-step tutorial and a video…

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Squarespace vs Wordpress SEO Review

Squarespace vs WordPress SEO Review

This article compares Squarespace vs WordPress when it comes to search engine optimization. In case you’re on the fence which way to go from an SEO standpoint, you’re in the right place because you’ll get to know all the pros and cons in the Squarespace vs WordPress situation. If you’re not familiar with Squarespace and WordPress,…

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track banner ads LinkAssistant

How to Track Banner Ads with LinkAssistant

I already explained how you can monitor links with the help of LinkAssistant. Taking into account that Google is starting to punish for paid links even more, site owners are more willing to promote their sites with banner ads. Sure thing, you can nofollow a text link for just driving traffic to your site and…

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country domains

Country Domains and SEO

Country domains are very crucial for every company that wants to rank its site high enough in country specific search results. Thing is, Google often prioritizes sites that are optimized for local search results. Using a country domain name emphasizes that your company and brand are relevant to that particular location and serious about doing…

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SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs for WordPress

One of the crucial things that you need to do for on-page SEO is to use your keyword in the url of your page. WordPress makes it really easy. You just need to make sure that your WordPress uses SEO friendly URLs instead of just a bunch of all sorts of characters that look like…

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Video SEO Ultimate Guide

In our day and age, people take it for granted that you should have a video on your site. Most startups that emerge now have explainer videos on their homepages. Plus many bloggers create all sorts of video tutorials that show either how to work with their products or services. Google really likes pages with…

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